Lu-Me Interactive Lighting.

"Imagine the ability to play with light, transforming a space to suit your mood. Both fun and engaging to use, Lu-Me is an interactive magnetic lighting system for the modern home. The energy-saving lights offer a truly flexible lighting system, with the ability to slide on wall-mounted surfaces, sit on docking stations, or even act as a portable torch.


The way Lu-Me is designed means that the lamps themselves become the switching mechanism and can be adjusted to your heart's content, allowing you to create 'sculptures of light' with a striking graphical effect."


Lu-Me was designed to encourage an engaging relationship with its user by introducing an intuitive and enjoyable sense of interaction. It is hoped that by focusing on interaction rather than purely aesthetics, Lu-Me will prove to be a more ‘emotionally durable' design, sustaining user interest, and will thereby lead to a longer and happier product life-span, ticking the less conventional eco-friendly boxes.


The project also set out to subtly raise energy-awareness by transforming the simple act of turning on a light into a special experience.

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